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- Die plant

- Tool manufacturing

- Die

- Bodywork production

- Subcontracting

- Maintenance

- Tool optimization

- Production


My main profile is the production of dies and car body components. Secondary is the construction and maintenance of injection moulding tools.

What is worth knowing about my activities?

- The main profile is the sheet forming dies.

- Carrying out the work processes necessary for sheet metal forming on platinum, drawing press, cutting and punching tools.

- Rework with hand tools of any changes to the shape of the tool. 

- Assembling tools for launching new products - fitting, smoothing, polishing and adjusting tool parts.

- In addition to preparing new dies for production, I undertake the maintenance, renovation and repair of tools taken out of production.

- Whether it's tools for small-series or mass production.



How do I work?

- In the shift schedule desired by the customer.

- Overtime and weekend work 

- Posting to EU and non-EU countries

- Joining already ongoing projects, fast integration

- Precise work  

-  Involvement of subcontractors for larger projects

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